Shana Lambert

"I just had my Success call with my Community Manager and it got me excited to dive in! As a singer/actor I was uncertain that this would be the correct resource for me. All I knew coming in was that I have tremendous respect for Ken Davenport. After my call with Summer, I now know this is most certainly the correct resource for me! I am based in Virginia, but attend auditions in DC and NYC. I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to work!"

Scott Werntz

"Daily, we are in contact with people across the country who are also a part of The TheaterMakers Studio. These new connections have turned collaborations. Being a part of The TheaterMakers Studio has been the best decision we could have made in regards to writing and developing our projects for the stage."

Megan Ann Rasmussen

The TheaterMakers Studio is a dynamic group of passionate artists collaborating to create more theatre. Ken and his team provide resources and information to help get your project from page to stage. I have learned so much in a relatively short amount of time. The TheatreMakers Studio has been fantastic! They helped me launch my first project and I am excited for more ahead.

Lynn Byrne

"The TheaterMakers Studio was my source for everything when I first decided to get my play produced. I am a first-time playwright and considered myself a novelist, never thinking I would write a play. I listened to virtually every podcast, took notes, signed up for Pitch Night, met with the in-house dramaturg, had a consultation with Ken, and met several other writers with whom I stay in touch. I took advantage of everything offered, and received a comprehensive education about this business!"

Rich Roy

"After 1 year with The TheaterMakers Studio my play is up and running. Going into my fourth month running continuously. I came here to get my play up. Well 15 to 20 rave reviews later, things are coming along."

Ed Miller

"In every way The TheaterMakers Studio has been outstanding — you, your staff, and your online materials — and I have recommended it to all my playwright friends."

Ian Hammond Brown

"Just wanted to say what a great resource your group is. I had a lovely conversation with Anna, who contacted me through the private Facebook group, after watching my video, for some advice about producing her new show which she's doing a reading of in NYC soon. Was just thinking its great to be a part of a group of like minded friendly people and so easy to communicate online now, which would never have been possible when I first started writing musicals."

Dall Wilson

"Wonderful work, it’s a place for creative epiphany."

Michael Merritt

"It’s great. I’m using the #30dayscriptchallenge to write a new play and the book to a new musical. It’s really helpful so I would highly recommend it! Oh, and I’m using it to write a talk as well so it’s not only for stage plays/musicals. Love your stuff and I’m so glad I’m part of Pro."

Charlotte Anne Dore

"Before The TheaterMakers Studio I didn’t appreciate myself and what I’d achieved as a writer/ producer/ builder. Now I realize those things are achievements even if they are on a small scale they are still bringing theater to people and the ideas and processes are tools and skills and product that can perhaps be scaled into something bigger just step by step. The TheaterMakers Studio resonates for creatives to focus and have access to tools and knowledge and encouragement they need. You might not be able to do it all but having nudges with regular e mails etc really makes you accountable and ready for action."

Kurt Johns

"We are thrilled to have our project chosen for the The TheaterMakers reading series. We got our final draft presented to a New York audience of and brought it to the attention of producers around the country. Even got a pledge out of one of the attendees. "

Michael Bowen

"I wanted to thank you for some advice you gave me. Several years ago I was in one of your workshops. I lamented about not being able to get my great show up and produced or people interested. You said that the best way to make theater happen was to do it yourself.

So, that’s what I’ve done. Over the past two years, I have brought my midwestern comedy drag baking show to people all over. I now have a monthly gig at a Methodist church in the Village, got coverage in the New York Times and on PRI and NPR. It’s amazing what creating something amazing out of nothing can make you feel.

In the past I kept pushing trying to convince everyone to believe in this fun, silly, educational, campy baking drag show. I was upset that no one believed in me. But what I learned with some words from you and your classes is that I needed to believe in myself, do it, make art, make theater, and the rest will follow.

Thank you for that insight. If you ever want to come and see a Baking With Bertha show, please let me know. It’s Dame Edna meets At Home with Amy Sedaris. Plus there is homemade pie!

I really enjoy all the work you do for the community."

JB Bruno

"The first time I signed into the site, I played the hourlong class by Jill Rafson from The Roundabout. I was considering the Roundabout development process, and her one hour was amazing. Like every webinar/class/coaching so far, it was not some generic class – it was detailed and specific. I feel like even in this time, I have made great strides toward getting a play to the next step."

We got our final draft presented to a New York audience of and brought it to the attention of producers around the country. Even got a pledge out of one of the attendees. "

Christofer Cook

“I owe the TheaterMakers Studio a standing ovation. I’ve been welcomed into the upper echelon of industry creatives. My play “AMITYVILLE” is now a finalist for Off Broadway’s Rave Theatre Festival! TMS provided valuable resources that propelled my show from the Carolinas to NYC!”

Ron Kaehler

"Being part of The TheaterMakers Studio continues to be an inspiration and a lifeline."




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