Why I commissioned this writer to write a musical.

May 25, 2022


In addition to the Producing and Writing I do, I also consult for some larger companies, like Primary Wave.  PW is a behemoth music publishing, management and marketing company.  And they brought me on to help get musicals made for the artists on their roster.

One of the greatest things about this gig and some of the others I have is that I've been able to hire emerging theatermakers to write musicals.

Recently, one of the companies I consult for commissioned a writer to make a musical (that we're super-excited about).  And the writer is getting a five-figure check.  To start.  

So why this writer?  

Well, yes, the writer has talent.  Yes, the writer has an affinity for this material, and a style that suits it.

But the reason that I felt confident that the writer would deliver?

I saw this writer's work . . . live . . . in a production . . . on a stage. 

The writer got their work out there.  And got me to see it.  And that is so much more successful than having me read a script.  

The writer took risk in putting their show up.  But already that risk is paying off . . . literally . . . with dividends that have nothing to do with that show.



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