What David Letterman Can Teach You About Pitching

Jul 27, 2022

One of David Letterman's go to bits on EVERY episode was his "Top 10 Lists".   He came up with some quirky title like "Top Ten Reasons I'm glad to be named Justin Bieber" and got us howling ever time

But there's more to Top 10 Lists than just Bieber jokes.

I use Top 10 Lists to construct my pitches . . . especially my pitches to investors and producers.

Yep, the FIRST thing I do when preparing a pitch is write out a "Top Ten Reasons You Should Invest In My Show."

That simple exercise helps remind me why my project has EXTREME value (there are 10 reasons after all).  And it helps me organize my thesis for why others should get involved.

(On some shows, I've handed potential investors my Top 10 List as is!)

I did a quick video on my versions of Top 10 Lists back in 2018 BG (Before Grey - when my hair was black, haha).  And I dug it out so you could hear about this process of mine in more detail.

Click here to watch it . . . and then, be like Letterman.  And make your own Top 10!  It will increase the odds of getting an investor, producer, director or any partner on your show.

P.S.  Watch the video here. 



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