Topic of the Month: Front Money

May 25, 2022

What is Front Money? 

Front Money is the initial amount of capital raised for the development of a theatrical production.

In most cases, Front Money investors receive a 1:1 term on their investment, which means for every dollar of profit the investor receives from the investor share of profits, the investor receives a dollar from the producer side of profits.

Front Money is different from other types of fundraising. It’s unique. It has its own contract, its own deals, and a very specific type of investor.  It has its own “rules of the raise.”

Are you curious what the rules are? Or what the agreement might look like? 

You're in luck, TheaterMaker!

Did you know that we have Sample Documents on 

When you sign into your account, go to Resource Menu > Sample Documents

Then search the library (PC: Control + F / MAC: Command +F) to find the Front Money Agreement. Click to download the PDF and it's all yours! 

Don't have access? Click here to schedule a call with a member of our team. We have resources, guides, and advice ready for you. Click here.



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