The Reviews Are In!

Sep 28, 2022

By Monica Hammond

As a theater maker, reviews are an essential element of any marketing campaign. 

Whether it’s a Broadway show, Off Broadway, or even a staged reading, reviews are key.

So what happens if The New York Times doesn’t review your work? Are you out of luck? 

While getting reviewed by media outlets like The New York Times, Variety, The Wallstreet Journal, and TimeOut, can certainly be a major dose of social proof and validation . . . it’s not the only way to get reviewed and not the only review that matters. 

I’d even argue that real reviews from real people can be as, or even more, persuasive for a potential ticket buyer than whatever the head critic of a magazine has to say. 

People like to see reviews and testimonials from other customers just like them, and if you do it right, you can generate massive amounts of reviews to use as social proof on your website almost overnight.

Want to know the fancy platform I use to generate authentic reviews? 


Most consumers know, like, and trust Google, which means they trust Google reviews as well. If you have a show running, then you can get Google reviews. 

Here’s how . . . 

First, set up your Google Business account for free at and follow the steps to verify your business. This will take a few days because it requires you to verify your business address by postcard. 

Once your business is verified you need to create a system for asking your audience for their feedback on Google. This is where setting up marketing automation can come in handy so that you’re generating reviews all day every day without lifting a finger. 

For the most part, people only write reviews if they’ve had a really great experience or a really bad experience, so be prepared for a flood of love and a few bad apples as well. You can’t please everyone, but use any negative feedback you may receive as a chance to find ways to improve.

This is where most people end their pursuit of reviews, but these reviews have so much more potential! 

Yes, it’s great that people can now find you on Google and read some awesome reviews of your work . . . but what about the people who stumble on your website from social media or other traffic sources? 

The next step is to add your real google reviews to your website in a way that grabs attention and verifies their authenticity. Anyone can slap a fake review or testimonial on their website these days, so you want your potential clients and customers to know that your reviews are genuine. 

To do this, I use an app called Nudgify that allows you to connect your Google reviews directly to your website and displays them as a small pop-up based on your desired settings. Click here to explore Nudgify for yourself. 

Now your reviews will automatically display on your website when a visitor pops by to see what you’re all about!

This is a great way to feel empowered to go out and generate your own reviews even if “the press” won’t give you the time of day. You don’t need any insider connections, no need to chase down journalists, no press rep . . . all you need is Google. 

If you’d like help automating your own review system so that you can constantly generate social proof on autopilot, email [email protected] to learn more!




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