Need an idea? That you don't need the rights for? Check this out.

Jun 09, 2022

 Need an idea?  

Want to get started faster? And don’t want to wait for someone to give you permission? Or have control over your treatment of the story?  

Take a cue from Andrew Lloyd Webber . . . 

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s first few shows: Joseph, Superstar, Evita, even Phantom . . . what do they have in common? All in the public domain.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

No rights to get. No approvals. You get more artistic freedom and its less burdensome financially.  

And every year, on January 1st, a whole new slew of great works enter the Public Domain (which means you can create something based on the material without getting the rights).  

So if you need a new idea, and are tired of people saying, “No,” check out the brand new shows available to everyone now.

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But remember, they are available to everyone now . . . which means, start soon, and make sure yours is better. :-)


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Do you need to get the rights to something? There are ways to increase your chances of getting them or at the very least finding out if they are available (sometimes a “no” is the best thing that can happen to you.).  Click here to schedule a call with a member of our team to hear how we can help.  



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