How to Find More Time In Your Day For Your TheaterMaking.

Apr 20, 2022

"If I only had more time . . . "

Let me ask you . . . how many times have you said the above?  If you only had more time in the day you would finish that draft, work on your social media marketing, or get to the gym.

Well, you're not alone.  A lot of people say it.

Including me.

And I find myself saying now more than ever.  

Because as the world starts back up, we're all zooming around like mad, trying to make up for lost time.  Leaving little time for all the things we want to do.

And what's ironic is that often, we leave out the things we REALLY want to do.  The things we dream about doing.  Like making more theater!  

We skip that stuff because of the things we "have" to do.  Or because we're focusing on the things that are easy to do.  (Unlike finishing that draft, studying, or getting to the gym.)

What's the answer?  Add another hour to the day?  NOPE.  Add a few years to our life?  CAN'T.  We must take advantage of the 24 hours that everyone has (less the important hours for sleep of course.)

And here's something to remember that will change your thinking about time.

Think of the most success TheaterMaker or successful anyone you know . . . Lin Manuel Miranda, Tyler Perry, Sara Blakely, are a few that come to my mind.  

Those folks along with everyone else . . . EVERYONE . . . has the same number of hours in a day to accomplish what they want to accomplish.  

If they found time, you can too.  And before you say, "Well, they have millions of dollars and can work on their stuff full time."

That's true.

But they had the same number of hours at the beginning of their career as they do now.

So if they can find the time,  you can too.

But let's get specific about some places you CAN find the time.  Because that's what we do here . . . we don't only give advice.  We give ACTION items.

Last year, I did a 'talk' as part of a challenge on on how I did a time audit of my day.  And found XX ways to save time in my day.  And I have a feeling a few will work for you too.  

Click here to watch my time-saving hacks. 

And then perform the same audit on your day.

Because if you can 15 minutes a day, five days a week?  Well that's an hour and fifteen minutes a week.

That's 65 hours a YEAR!

Now, if you applied those 65 hours a year to your TheaterMaking . . . imagine how much further along you will be!


Watch this short video (because I want to save you time!) and start saving your most valuable resource today.

Go get 'em.



P.S.  The video was part of our "Take Charge of your '21" Challenge, and can be viewed here.



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