Don’t forget to invite THESE peeps to your reading.

Apr 19, 2022

One of the most common questions I get asked is how you can get Producers, Investors, Agents, Artistic Directors, etc. to see your show. And there are lots of ways to increase your turnout among this Demographic. And it’s worth putting a system in place to do just that.  Because just ONE person . . . the RIGHT person . . . can change your TheaterMaking career just like that.

But, this tip is about another group that most people don't invite . . . but should.

Writers should invite . . . other Writers

Invite your writing peers. Invite your writing friends.  

And invite writers who you admire who have achieved the things you want to achieve.  (Remember when Jonathan Larson invited Stephen Sondheim to see his reading in Tick, Tick… Boom?)

Invite your heroes. Invite people a few steps ahead of you in your career. Invite the Writers that have found a way to break through, while you're still banging on the door.

There are two reasons to incorporate this strategy into your invitation process:

  1. Other Writers will give you great feedback on your show. (Read this book for more on why peers are a better focus group than consumers).
  2. If they like the work, and like you, successful writers have contacts with Producers, Investors, Agents, Artistic Directors, etc. and they may recommend you!

I find that since a referral is how THEY got to where they are they often feel a responsibility to do the same.

Referrals are the #1 way people find everything in this world, from Agents to Investors to Contractors to renovate your house!  So, put butts in your seats who may not have the ability to be your Producer or Agent, but know people who could.

Go get ‘em.



P.S. Getting more people to RSVP to your reading and then getting them to SHOW UP is one of the most important things you can do to transform your career. It only takes one. If you’re planning a reading in the coming year, then the next 12 months are super important. And whether that reading is in one month or ten, there are things you can do and must do NOW to increase the odds of people showing up and then showing interest. If you’re planning a reading, then schedule a call with our team to let us help you with a strategy to get the most out of all the work and money you’re putting into it. 

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