[Checklist] What to include in your Investment Info Packets

Aug 25, 2022

 Last month we shared what Pitch Decks are. But if you want to put it together yourself, what do you need to include? 

Here’s your “what to include in the investment information packet” checklist:

  • Title page
    • Show key art
    • Pull quote, if applicable 
    • Website
    • Social handles
  • Table of Contents
    • Don’t forget to include a disclaimer for investors
  • Note From Lead Producer (or key player on team)
  • Synopsis - include photos and/or pull quotes where possible
  • The Original Production, if applicable 
  • The Creative Process
  • Creative Team (headshots & bios for everyone)
  • Press (pull quotes & featured publications)
  • Budget & Projections
  • Materials
  • Opportunity
  • Contact

To see an example of a few Broadway Investment Information Packets, sign into your TMS account. Go to the Sample Document Library and search (Control+F or Command+F) for “Investment Information Packet”. 

You'll see two examples to view as well as Broadway and Off-Broadway Offering Documents.



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