Can't find a collaborator? Look here.

Jun 22, 2022

We recently got a frantic email from one of YOU asking for some advice on how to find a composer and fast.

See, this TheaterMaker had a Composer drop out of their project unexpectedly.  

I've been there.

At least THREE times.

Finding collaborators is never easy.  And since good ones (and hungry ones) are hard to find, the biggest advice I give to people looking for collaborators is first, to look in all the usual places.

And then look in those places where others AREN'T looking.

See, there are a ton of super-talented composers, lyricists, etc, who would love to write a musical . . . they just may not know it yet!  

Because no one has ever asked them!

So if you're looking for a composer for your musical, don't just look for composers of musicals.  Those are rare.

Singer/Songwriters?  MUCH more common.  All over YouTube, your local cabaret scene or open mic night. 

Reach out to them and see if you can convince them to give our artform a shot.  (I love converting singer/songwriters to musical writing - since melody is such a priority for them.)

If you're looking for a librettists for your musical?  Don't just look for librettists of musicals!  Also rare.  

Look for novelists, short story writers, poets, essayists, etc.  

See, when you ask someone who has never been asked to write a musical before, you might find them more excited than someone who has been asked 1,000 times.

Yes, you may have to hold their hand through the developmental process a bit, but the fresh perspective might be worth it.

Just because someone hasn't done it before, doesn't mean it won't be fantastic.

Remember, Rent, In The Heights, Avenue Q, etc . . . were the Broadway debuts for the composer and lyricist and the book writer!  


P.S.  Need more strategies on finding collaborators?  Or facing some other crossroad that you need help with?  Click here to set up a call with our team to see if we can help.  We want you to get that show UP!  



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