50 TheaterMakers To Follow On Instagram

Dec 07, 2022

One of the recurring questions we get is: “how do we meet collaborators and other theatermakers?”.

One answer is simple: social media! 

Social media has a lot of pros and cons but one of the best things you can use it for is networking. Follow your idols and your favs, look up the creative teams after you see a show and follow them.

But don’t just stop there. You have to engage. 

Comment on their posts, reply to their Stories, engage with their poll/quiz/question stickers, share their posts/their work.

If you wanted a starting point of who should be on your list, we’ve put together a list of 50 theatermakers to follow on Instagram.


  1. Rossmer & Rosen
  2. Bruce Sussman
  3. Barlow & Bear
  4. Bobby Locke
  5. Douglas Lyons
  6. Melvin Tunstall III
  7. Kerrigan & Lowdermilk
  8. Joe Iconis
  9. Alexis Scheer
  10. Adam Gwon
  11. Zack Zadek
  12. Antoinette Chinonye Nwandu
  13. Joey Contreras
  14. RJ Christian
  15. Michael R. Jackson
  16. Daniel Mertzlufft



  1. Ken Davenport
  2. Brian Moreland
  3. Matt Ross
  4. Diana DiMenna
  5. Lee Daniels
  6. Alia J. Harvey
  7. Lia Vollack
  8. Joe Longthorne
  9. Megan Ann Rasmussen
  10. Michelle Kaplan
  11. E. Clayton Cornelious
  12. Ben Holtzman
  13. Rachel Sussman
  14. Cody Renard Richard
  15. Rashad V. Chambers
  16. Cynthia J. Tong
  17. Sammy Lopez
  18. LaChanze
  19. Theater Producers Of Color
  20. JJ Maley



  1. Macy Schmidt
  2. Rick Miramontez
  3. Steven Tartick
  4. Big Leap Brands 
  5. Jason Sherwood
  6. David Korins
  7. Kate Lumpkin
  8. Zhailon Levingston
  9. Jocelyn Bioh
  10. Sammi Cannold
  11. Stephanie Klemons
  12. Toni R. Isreal
  13. TheaterMakers Studio
  14. Page To Stage Podcast

Don’t have Instagram? Let us know which social media platform we should do next.



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