$595.00 USD

Script Coverage with Eric Webb

What you will walk away with:

A thorough, written evaluation or In-person Consult with our Director of Creative Development, Eric Webb with specific actions items on how to get your script to the next level.

Written coverage: Eric will take your materials, review them, then write up feedback on your concept, character and plot development, suggestions for improvement and beat by beat notes that he has.

In-person Consult: A 1-Hour phone or Zoom chat with Eric. The same review process as above. Eric will send along notes (not a full written coverage) in advance of your session. You will then have a chance to chat about your questions, ideas, and whatever else may be concerning you based on his feedback.

Eric responds to overall concept, character and plot development, dialogue and lyric tone/voice/efficiency, song placement - the whole kit and caboodle. 

You decide which option you'd prefer, but for both written and In-person options you would receive his written beat-by-beat notes on the script. With written Coverage you receive the broader stroke analysis in written form, while In-person Consults give you the chance to discuss whatever is most pressing for you. Eric will always sends his notes in advance of in-person sessions so that you have a general sense of where his head is at and you can then form your own questions.


ERIC C. WEBB is the Director of Creative Development for Davenport Theatrical Enterprises and Artistic Director for March Forth Productions as well as a writer and freelance dramaturg.

For Davenport Theatrical, Eric scouts and aids in developing new stage and film properties as well as providing script consultation and educational programming for the playwriting community.

Writing projects in development include Bonhoeffer (with composer Scott Wilkinson, directed by Daniel Goldstein (Broadway: Godspell), the anti-bullying musical #JustBeYou (commissioned by Random Farms Kids Theater, composed by Stephanie Bianchi), Breakup - The Musical (an irreverent new musical, also with Stephanie Bianchi), Thompson/Gifford (a Gothic chamber musical). Previous writing credits include A White Man's Guide to Rikers IslandKrampusnacht (segments commissioned by March Forth Productions), Tania (commissioned by White Rabbit Productions, published by Indie Theater Now), “Orion” (short film, produced by Second Star NYC), The Angels of Mons (March Forth Productions/Horsetrade at Theater Under St. Marks), Ubu - a twisted puppet show co-adapted from Jarry's Ubu RoiPlaywriting is Easy and Strange Currencies.  

Previous Literary Management/Dramaturgy credits include Gina Femia's one-woman show, Things I Don't Want to Talk About with March Forth Productions, Literary Management for La Vie Productions (2009-2013), Associate Literary Manager for the 2008 John Gassner New Play Festival, Dramaturg for Stephen Sondheim’s Young Playwrights Inc. (2008 – present), Un-American Activities (new musical by William Norman), Escape From Happiness and Lynn Nottage's Las Meninas (directed by Talvin Wilks). 

Eric received his MFA in Dramaturgy & Literary Management from Stony Brook University (2008).

What People Are Saying:

Wow. We. Are. Floored. Your feedback is both insightful and eye-opening. Your tone is supportive and encouraging. We feel like you really get what we are going for, and your goal is to help us achieve what we set out to achieve. We are so grateful for the time and care you put into examining our work and creating this script coverage document. It’s unusual that we get feedback that is so thorough, astute and instructive. We are eager to put it to good use. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Michael Wartofsky

Eric helped me to create characters, a plot, and dialogue that slowly came to life. With his encouragement, I have been able to meet with interested producers and writers. I know that my show is still in its very beginning stages, but it has come so far since working with Eric.

Gregor Gibson