1. You must be a current and active member of NextStage for 12 consecutive months.
  2. You must complete the Ultimate TheaterMakers Studio Course and NextStage Course including all Action Items within each lesson.
  3. You must attend all Weekly Group Coaching sessions with Ken for the year.
  4. You must attend all Monthly Group Coaching sessions with our faculty for the year.
  5. You must keep a daily journal of your engagement/ actions taken.


  1. Create a Google Folder titled: YOUR NAME - NEXTSTAGE
  2. Share your Google Folder with our Director of Membership, Summer ([email protected]) within 1 week of your join date so she can track your progress. Proof of confirmation from Summer required once access has been granted.
  3. In your folder, save all completed Action Items from the NextStage Course.
  4. In your folder, create a Google Document titled DAILY JOURNAL to track what you did that day to engage in the program and at least 1 action you took towards getting produced every single day (total: 365). The document must be updated daily by 11:59pm.
  5. In your folder, create a Google Document titled COACHING to track at least 1 tip you learned from each Group Coaching session.


Daily Journal Format Sample:


"Today I engaged with TMS by. . . X, Y, and Z

My Actions today were X, Y, and Z

My goal for tomorrow is X"


Coaching Call Format Sample:

(DATE- Coaching Call with NAME)

"Tips I learned are X, Y, and Z"


Tip: Set aside at least 10 minutes each day to engage in the program in some way . . . watch a course module, post in the Facebook group, read an execution plan, attend a group coaching call, etc.




How do I know if I’ve gotten my show produced? 

The TheaterMakers Studio considers “getting produced” as presenting your show on a stage with an audience in attendance. This includes any level of staged reading, workshop, showcase, or full production. 


What if I don’t get produced in 12 months after being a part of NextStage and completing all the guidelines above?

Ken Davenport will supply a budget for a staged reading of up to $10,000.











Only a limited number of guarantee opportunities will be offered per year. If all guidelines are completed exactly as specified above, our guarantee is that you will get produced in 12 months or Ken will supply a budget of up to $10,000 to produce a staged reading of your show. Please note: it is not guaranteed that Ken will be able to attend your reading. 
*Guarantee details are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of TMS.